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Dance and watch the dying sunlight fade.

Kate Bush - Babooshka ( demo 1980/2014 )

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Australian news everyone

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Well, that was a dazzling display of my luck with board games.
I was playing some variant of Monopoly with my housemates and some friends; for those wondering what the variant was, so am I.
Anyway, we played the “quick” version of the game, or “wiki” if you are Hawaiian - I think.  The quick version advertised itself as being a 30 minute game, so naturally it took two hours.
The board for the quick version only had 4 or 5 different coloured properties, and so was quite reduced in size.  The game starts, I roll, and go straight to jail.  While stuck in jail every property bar one was already bought.  I eventually pay to escape, and next roll land on a purchased property and pay up from my diminishing reserves.  
Third roll and I am set to pass GO (small board, eh?), I throw the die and land straight back in jail. To cut a short story shorter it then takes another 9 or so rolls until I am entirely bankrupt.  In that time I don’t manage to get any properties and wonder the board like some vagrant millionaire.

So, great game.  I would totally recommend it.  Certainly going to play it again.

Regurgitator - Polyester Girl


Regurgitator - Polyester Girl


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective

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Overheard in Starbucks

Barista in Starbucks:

Hi, what's your name?

Chap further down the queue:

Don't tell him, Pike!

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I love Dad’s Army, especially Jones :)

Dad’s Army -Rifle inspection 

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